Here's What Some Of Our Consultants Have To Say...

“We just closed $100,000 of revenue, yesterday alone, from one email that was sent out. And it was crafted by John within five minutes of talking to him.”

- Nik Robbins - Utah--USA
Consultancy Education

“John Logar is one of the most generous human beings I’ve ever met. He’s one of the best (if not THE best) in the world at positioning, pricing and selling products. He consistently over delivers in every possible way.”

- Andy Drish - Iowa

“We were dealing with a major nosedive in our business. Within John’s first call, he was able to identify what happened with the company and what could be done to fix it immediately.”

- Oguz Konar - New York

“There’s no one operating at the level John’s at who is teaching this stuff. He’s the kind of guy who really cares about helping people.”

- Jan Roos - New York

“I wanted to take my agency to the next level and I saw that John can help me do that. I was at about $10,000 a month and stagnant. Now, just this month, I broke over $50,000.”

- Richard Fong - California