Hi, I’m John Logar.

I’m the Founder and CEO of Consulting Unleashed, and it is my mission to help you grow and scale your consulting business or agency through proven strategies and tactics that get results.

The two programs I offer, Consulting Rocket and Consulting Champions, have helped thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners optimise their operations and experience exponential growth in profits.

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30 Years of Consulting Experience

My career started working for a very large consulting firm in downtown, NYC. After several years working with CEOs of large corporations in hundreds of different industries, I was ready to leave and use my experience and expertise to start a private consultancy business.

Over the past 30 years, I’ve owned several multi seven-figure agencies with no more than 100 employees, and I’ve also started many smaller agencies that I was able to sell. Currently, I still run a consulting agency because I like to practice what I preach.

Working With Me

Everything that I put in my programs, my training,  and my coaching are things that I’ve implemented for myself to generate clients all around the world. I absolutely have a passion for helping other entrepreneurs scale their operations and generate more income for themselves.

In fact, over the last four years, I’ve actually helped more than 200 consultants around the world establish their consulting businesses. Most of those consultants have grown into 6-figure businesses, and I also have a group of consultants that I’ve helped into multiple 7-figures within the space of 12 to 14 months of starting their business.

The programs that I’ve developed have been purely designed to give you a step-by-step process and an actionable approach to making sure you maximize your chances of converting sales. More importantly, I also want to help you target better clients and increase your prices.

I believe it is so important to value what you do and sell your services at much higher prices, so that you can actually build and scale your business. The ultimate goal is to help you build a high functioning business that you can eventually step out of and sell as an asset -or- automate so that you have more free time, and the business can run without you.

The Clients I Want To Work With

I’m looking to help people who are interested in building a business in the consulting arena.

I specialize working with the following services: Digital Marketing, Copywriting, Email Marketing, Automated Sales Funnels, Web Development, Graphic Design, Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Social Media 

If you’ve got skills in these areas, let’s talk. I’ve developed programs to help you to actually clarify your offering, target better quality customers, raise the level of pricing – so that you’re actually making significant profit in your margins – and more importantly, to be able to outsource and scale your business effectively.

Again, if you’re looking to grow and scale – and you want to know actual strategies that work to help you generate more high paying clients, you’ve come to the right place.

I look forward to seeing you in one of my programs!

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