Building Your Own Business Is One of The Most Valuable Investments in Yourself You'll Ever Make

“We just closed $100,000 of revenue, yesterday alone, from one email that was sent out. And it was crafted by John within five minutes of talking to him.”

Nik Robbins
Lead Generation

“John Logar is one of the most generous human beings I’ve ever met. He’s one of the best (if not THE best) in the world at positioning, pricing and selling products. He consistently over delivers in every possible way.”

Andy Drish
Consultancy & Education

“YEAH John! Followed your advice with listening and first thing in the morning, I closed a €3500 coaching package!”

Sebastian Thalhammer

Build Your Online Consulting Business in 6 Months

It only takes a few clients to start generating significant income. I’ll teach you how to identify your niche, automate lead generation, establish your sales process and craft a consulting strategy that will bring in the cash.

Sean Anthony

Digital Agency

Vlad Tseytkin


Elisa Bennet

Lead Generation

Start Your Consulting Business Today

As a consultant and advisor, your ability to influence and engage your marketplace is your competitive advantage in growing your business.

Discover the strategy that you can implement immediately to start getting the results you want in your business with opportunity coming to you on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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Get Clients Fast

Hear What Clients Are Saying

“By getting to work with John, he’s helped me gain so much more clarity on exactly what it is I need to do, and action steps I need to take.”

- Leslie Cao - North Carolina

“The wealth of knowledge that John unleashes makes your head hurt. My head is full now, and I’ve got so much to think about.”

- Peter Kentchington - Australia

“I’m about to book one of the biggest clients I’ve ever had and more money from this one client that I’ve ever made at any job.”

- Joseph Bojang - Oklahoma

“The thing I love most about John is how he takes complicated things and makes them simple. He takes a subject that a lot of people procrastinate on and really goes into how you can move through it as quickly as possible.”

- Chandler Bolt - California

Our Process For Rocket Growth

Identify Your Core Offer

What Problem Can You Solve For Businesses?

The consultancy industry is absolutely booming, and there’s never been a better time to start your own business. Together, we’ll establish who you are and how you can best position your core offer to bring in clients fast.

Target Your Niche Market

What profitable niche would benefit the most?

There are literally thousands of niche markets to explore, but they’re not all winners. We’ll explore which niches offer the best opportunities for your services and bring in the best return in terms of revenue. I’ll also teach you how you can establish yourself as a leader in your market so that you gain credibility with every new client.

Automate Lead Generation

How will you get consistent leads & engage with them?

One of the #1 reasons new businesses fail to thrive is because they focus on delivery and don’t spend enough time getting new business. Getting a steady stream of new leads isn’t difficult, and I’ll show you how it’s done. We’ll also craft a simple yet effective message to spark engagement and get the conversation going.

Establish Your Sales Process

How will sales opportunities travel through your pipeline?

So many key aspects of a successful business come together once you establish a solid sales process. You avoid confusion and stalled conversations with deals in progress, revenue projections become more reliable, and most of all – you don’t have to deal with that dreaded feeling of not knowing what to do next. Together, we’ll set this up and put it into action.

Onboard Clients & Deliver Effectively

How will you retain clients & maintain a consistent customer experience?

Clear communication is absolutely essential when it comes to onboarding your clients, managing their expectations and delivering the value they expect to get out of your services. I’ll help you to identify the bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your fulfillment process and find solutions that that work.

Optimising Your Operations

How will you grow and scale your business?

In order to grow and scale your business, you need to systemise your operations. This will allow you to add new employees, work with fulfillment teams and ultimately, create a business that works for you. You’ll be ready to accommodate new markets, expand your services and take on bigger opportunities as they come.

What Would These Results Look Like in Your Business?

“I successfully landed my largest customer to date. And then that person upgraded to $9,000 and then this month, they’re going to upgrade to $10,000.”

- Jeff Miller - Florida

‘This month I’m at my record, $80,000 invoiced.”

- Richard Fong - California

“I was able to sign up 4 clients in 9 days at $9,000 a year each, plus a handful of $500,000 one off jobs…big thanks to John!”

- Ben McAdam - Australia

“Within less than a year, John’s helped me grow my business to over six figures.”

- Chloe Liu - Australia

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