‘This month I’m at my record, $80,000 invoiced.”

- Richard Fong - California

“What John’s provided is a level of value, skill, guidance, expertise and credibility… just replicate the things that he’s seen work and do the same.”

- Perry Papast - Australia

“John is like having a sniper behind you. If you’re going to go forward as infantry, he’s the guy behind you who’s going to give you the strategy and the overlay of the land because he’s so knowledgeable about how to grow every type of business.”

- Kyle Deering - Utah

“There’s no one operating at the level John’s at who is teaching this stuff. He’s the kind of guy who really cares about helping people.”

- Jan Roos - New York

“From one conversation with John, we’ve already made at least half a million dollars – just from that one conversation – by restructuring our prices, charging more and doing some of the things he said, we implemented immediately.”

- Nik Robbins - Utah--USA

“We were dealing with a major nosedive in our business. Within John’s first call, he was able to identify what happened with the company and what could be done to fix it immediately.”

- Oguz Konar - New York

“John is definitely the right person to help me cut through the crap and stick to my path. It’s impacted me financially and on a personal level by seeing and understanding the real value that I’m able to provide.”

- Sebastian Thalhammer - Austria

“ I’ve closed over $95k of business so far. If you’re considering working with John, my recommendation is just do it.”

- Lisa Choa - Australia

“John’s got a knack for taking something, making it really simple, making it actionable and so you implement it and take action. He’s the best.”

- Rob Warner - Texas

“I was literally over-complicating everything…John lays it out as a simple roadmap for you to follow. He simplifies everything and that’s how he helps you take it to the next level.”

- Christian Lovrecich - Florida

“Within less than a year, John’s helped me grow my business to over six figures.”

- Chloe Liu - Australia

“I was able to sign up 4 clients in 9 days at $9,000 a year each, plus a handful of $500,000 one off jobs…big thanks to John!”

- Ben McAdam - Australia

“I successfully landed my largest customer to date. And then that person upgraded to $9,000 and then this month, they’re going to upgrade to $10,000.”

- Jeff Miller - Florida

“The thing I love most about John is how he takes complicated things and makes them simple. He takes a subject that a lot of people procrastinate on and really goes into how you can move through it as quickly as possible.”

- Chandler Bolt - California

“I’m about to book one of the biggest clients I’ve ever had and more money from this one client that I’ve ever made at any job.”

- Joseph Bojang - Oklahoma

“The wealth of knowledge that John unleashes makes your head hurt. My head is full now, and I’ve got so much to think about.”

- Peter Kentchington - Australia

“By getting to work with John, he’s helped me gain so much more clarity on exactly what it is I need to do, and action steps I need to take.”

- Leslie Cao - North Carolina
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