The automated multimillion-dollar retention strategy you can implement in almost any business

The greatest opportunity a business has to increase its profitability is to invest in nurturing and retaining its existing clients.

Most businesses invest all their efforts into acquiring new clients. When the real profit and leverage for future growth is investing in nurturing educating and engaging your existing customers.

In the video above I demonstrate an offline, online automated marketing system that is worth hundreds of millions of dollars to a business in Australia and around the world.

I share with you their sales process and execution of re engaging their customers to keep buying more of what they have to offer.

I show you how 100 customers in 2 customer segments is worth over $1 Million dollars in lifetime value to a local store.

I then go on to demonstrate the same system with a business in a different industry and how any business can simply replicate the strategy and make a significant impact on the future growth of their business.

I have also shared the tools you can use to duplicate the system and outsource it to a supplier that will help you implement the strategy for your clients.

A done for you marketing system that you can offer to prospective clients with great profit margins and a retention income for you included.

And if your looking for something really sexy you can build in a profit share or equity revenue by being paid for the set up of the system including a retainer to manage the process along with a 10% plus profit share.

I also demonstrate how you can close the sale easily by showing how the system pays for itself with only a few clients making it a no brainer for the customer to implement the strategy you’re offering.

You can turn this into a multi six figure business with less than 10 clients offering a $30K done for you retention revenue system.

Package pricing idea.

$6K plus set up and $2K plus per month retainer campaign management and support $30K plus package.

This would be a very cheap package

To the right business the implementation and execution of this strategy you could sell it for 50K plus

Watch the video and see how you can sell something like this to your clients.